You’re busy with work, kids, school… Make time for a Tire Repair.

In today’s busy lifestyle, there is nothing more annoying than finding one of your car tires has gone flat when you are in a hurry for work. Whether it is visibly flat or just looks a little low on air, it is an indication for a slow leak. In that instance, you should drive straight to the nearest tire repair shop, before the situation gets worse.

Tire RepairThe tire repair shop in Dallas where you will get instant gratification, is Alternative Automotive. If possible, we will perform a professional tire repair, or let you know if it’s damaged enough to need replacement. We offer a huge selection of tires from the leading manufacturers that will help you get your vehicle back on the road in a hurry. Besides tire repairs, we perform all types of automotive repairs, like brake repairs.

During the years we’ve been in the business, Alternative Automotive has become the leading tire repair company.Alternative Automotive is well known for our experience, skillful crew and timely service. Our prices are reasonable and competitive. We realize that a flat tire is an inconvenience. It puts your daily routine on hold. This is why we have a dedicated tire repair division that cuts downtime to a minimum.

Even the smallest tear can turn into a big problem if you wait too long.

Besides endangering the safety of you and your family, a punctured tire can surprise you at anytime. Imagine you have an important business meeting, but right before you get in your car, you discover it has a flat tire. Do you have time for that? Save yourself the headaches and hassles. Alternative Automotive has all the tools and equipment in our tire repair shop to properly replace it.

What if your tire’s low and there’s no visible reason for a leak, like a nail or screw in it? Maybe you bumped a curb somewhere, your wheel is bent, and the tire isn’t seating properly around the rim. We have the examination equipment to locate the issue and then repair the tire in a flash for less money than any other tire repair shop in Dallas can offer you.


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